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About Us

Kizhathadiyoor Service Co-operative bankĀ  Ltd no.1955 is one of the largest banking institutions in the co-operative sector,in the state of Kerala.The bank had its humble beginning in the year 1934 with a share capital base of RS.125/- contributed by 18 members.


The noble object behind the formation of the society was to improve the economic and social status of the society members and formulate and implement schemes to encourage thrift,self help and cooperation among members. it is worth mentioning that our bank is the largest co-operative banking in the Meenachil Taluk of the district of Kottayam.

The society has its humble beginning in the year 1934 with a share capital base of RS.125 contributed by 18 members. Needless todiscribe that,the share capital base of the society has reached a figure of 121.00 lakhs with in a period of 75 years. the adult populationof municipality which comprises of the area of operation of the bank is about 22000 and at present 14418 of them are members of the society. This shows the recognition of the bank in the heart of the public.